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Remembering Members

As years go by we see members come and go from the club as they move onto new ventures and experiences in life,  however we have members who move on not for new experiences but because they have unfortunately passed away.

As these members pass away we as a club will never forget them and we strive to remember and carry on their karate legacies through the new members of our club.

Brenda and Alan.jpg

On the 12th December we received some extremely saddening news as a club, after a long ongoing battle with cancer a cherished member of our club passed away.  Brenda Mitchel had trained with the club for over 10 years and worked with her trademark quite determination to attain her Shodan (1st Degree Blackbelt). However, this was not the only impact she had on the club, for much of her time with us Brenda held the Welfare Officers’ position on the Committee where she not only helped look after all the members within the club but also became instrumental in linking the club with the community, helping organise and run events for the club, such as the Haxby Carnival.

To celebrate Brenda members of various clubs across the city including HSKC, Selby Shotokan karate club, York Shotokan karate club and Leeds Karate academy all attended her funeral procession lining the street from her house as she left for the last time to show all their love and support to her family.

We shall always remember Brenda’s full caring nature and she will continue to act as an inspiration for her dedication to both her own Karate journey and her support of every single member of the club in their own journeys. 


So, here’s to Brenda: an amazing person and Karateka, Rest in peace my friend.  Oss

Brenda Carnival.jpg
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