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Training on the Park

In addition to the regular twice weekly Zoom training sessions, a small group of club members have been meeting on the park each week day morning (once Lockdown restrictions allowed) to get some real life (albeit Socially Distanced) Karate in.

We have run over 50 of these session with over 20 separate clubs members taking part in 25 hours of training, that totals over 250 hours of karate (multiplying the people who trained by the numbers of sessions they attended)! We have had some of the youngest and oldest club members attend with a complete diversity in rank (orange belts to 2nd Dan black belts)! Jason, Holly and Paul topped the frequent flyer table with Jason and Holly training for more than of the sessions 45 sessions and Paul for 40 Sessions.

I for one have really enjoyed these morning sessions and am looking forward to completing the summer! – it will be great when we get back in the Dojo, but I do think that I will miss these!

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