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Superb Spring Course

Yesterday saw the annual spring technical seminar with Masao Kagawa Shihan (9th Dan). A solid 9 members attended this course Mike, Ian and Jim sensei,  Paul,  Olivia,  Romie, Ben, Helen, and Adam this was his first course and a great starter for him it was.

Kagawa Shihan Demonstrating Gedan Barai
Kagawa Shihan Demonstrating Gedan Barai

After quick greetings with everyone we promptly kicked off the course with introductions to Kagawa Shihan, presentation of Dan diplomas to Ashley Scott-Heald for 5th Dan pass and Nick Heald Sensei for 7th San pass last year and finally an address from Sensei Mike following our course in February. The training started with a detailed look at kata: Junro Shodan – Sandan and Heian Shodan – Sandan followed by some bunkai for some of the more interesting and diverse moves of the Junro katas.  All this was covered in the first half of the day which seemed to fly by before you knew it.

Following lunch it was right back on to it with a run through of some of the first combinations of the Shodan Khion and we walked away with Shihan’s top advice of more hips, more natural, and longer stances.  Sanbon tsuki needed more drive and to practise this we changed it up to be a step Kizami tsuki gyaku tsuki for distance and then we added a Mae Geri in to the mix as well. On to Soto uke, gedan bari Kizami Geri gyaku tsuki and yoko Geri kiagi & kekomi same leg with full hickiash. After a brief water break it was on to higher kata starting with Jion, then jitte and finishing up with Gankaku for those going for there gradings later in the day.

Mike Sensei showing us how its done
Mike Sensei showing us how its done

After the course ended it was on to Sandan gradings up and a good turn out it was with some great successes.  Firstly congratulations to Paul sensei from Selby Shotokan karate club on passing his 4th dan.  But most of all a massive congratulations tour very own Ian Teadale Sensei for passing his 3rd Dan, despite being concerned about preforming in front of so many Ian came and preformed amazingly showing off his kata as his own and owned it, he controlled his kumite with complete ease and proved that even having not competed since returning to karate 5 years ago you don’t forget how to do it.

Overall a fantastic course from Kagawa Shihan as always, a big thank you to Alan Campbell Sensei and JKS England for arranging the course as usual and congratulations to Ian and Paul sensei again on their gradings.  Finally I would like to urge everyone to take part in these open courses especially when we get Japanese instructors over as they are more than phenomenal to watch and be instructed by.

Man of the hour Ian T Sensei after passing his 3rd Dan
Man of the hour Ian T Sensei after passing his 3rd Dan



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