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Kata on the Spot Competition

As the Selby competition had to be cancelled this year for (hopefully!) obvious reasons the club instructors decided that we would run our own virtual karate competition. As Kumite would be impossible, it had to focus solely on Kata and Ian Sensei had the great idea to run it as a ‘Kata on the Spot’ competition – that way it would be fair to everyone regardless of the size of their front room!

In order to enter and qualify for the live final, club members had to post a video of them performing any kata of their choice ‘on the spot’. We were very pleasantly surprised with the level of engagement from club members – we had entries from 26 club members and several people submitted multiple videos. All of the videos received one the rarest things on face book – a comment from Mike Sensei!

For the final entries were split into 4 categories: Beginner to Red Belt (13th Kyu to 8th Kyu), Yellow and Green Belt (5th and 6th Kyu), Purple Belts (5th and 4th Kyu), and Black and Brown Belt (3rd Kyu and above).

Mike Sensei was joined on the judging panel by Ian and Jim Sensei, and all three judges witnessed some very good kata. We were very impressed with the enthusiasm of the competitors and the level of sportsmanship on display.

The results were as follows:

Red Belt Category:

1st: Liberty

2nd: Daniel S

3rd: Zane

Yellow and Green Belt category:

1st: Matthew

2nd: Ella

3rd: Robert

Purple Belt category:

1st: Jason


3rd: Daniel T

Black and Brown Belt:

1st: Lucy

2nd: Aiden

3rd: William Vince

Well done to everyone who competed. We will be producing certificates for everyone who entered and medals for the winners (as soon as we can get them organised!).

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