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April B&B Course

The second Black and Brown belt course was held in Nottingham just before Easter, we had a small gang take the trip down with Paul B, Lucy, Ben and Ellie. Arriving just before 10 thanks to a nice clear run through, we were greeted by all and had a good chance to catch up everyone before training started.

At around 10.30 we began the session after a greeting from Alan Campbell Sensei (7th Dan) we began with so standard warm ups, then Alan sensei started us with some reaction warm ups in pairs to test our reaction times against each other. The days focus was then centred around various kicking techniques and combinations, from ashira mawashi geri, to mawashi geri and the mai geri-kekomi combination. All of which we practised by kicking a target around an obstacle (third partner).

This lead on to a brief break before returning to some kata, we started with breaking down several sections of Kata Chinte looking at some of the more unique moves in the kata and how they work in practise. Finally we finished off by running through the kata several times to count speeding it up each time we went and the finally the black belts ran all the way through the kata to their own timing.

The day moved on to black belt gradings which we unfortunately missed this time, however I hope they went well for all who took place in them. As always a big thank you to Alan Sensei for the instruction and a very interesting course, and well done to those who attended this one.

Oss Ben

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